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13. Max/Liz Top 25 scenes from season 1 {ROSWELL}


Max: It's uh, it's a little quieter out here.
Liz: Yeah. It's more private.
Max: So...
Liz: So...let's hope nothing explodes.
(As Liz and Max move to kiss, Kyle sees them and interrupts)

Liz: Max, I'm so sorry. I should never have even told Maria in the first place.
Max: Well you did it 'cause you trusted her, and you needed someone to talk to. It was only natural.
Liz: So why did you tell me?
Max: It was only natural.
Liz: What did you mean the other day about that thing, about the tree?
Max: Just somebody's advice. Not to get stuck behind them.
Liz: Oh. Well did you take it? That advice?
Max: I think I just did.

Max: First of all, nothing about you is stupid. And secondly...it feels like...my life didn't even start until I told you the truth that day.
Liz: Yeah. I know what you mean. Max...
Max: Yeah?
Liz: Umm...I know that we agreed, you know, not...not to feel a certain way about each other.
Max: Yeah.
Liz: Do you still think that's a good idea?
(Max reaches towards Liz's face but instead patches a hole in the jeep's canvas top)
Max: Just wanted to keep you warm.

(Liz is dressed up, getting ready for her date, and sees Max standing outside her window)
Liz: What are you doing here, Max?
Max: I couldn't just let you find another guy. I love you, Liz. I'll always love you.
(Max moves to kiss Liz and they share a long kiss, until a car horn breaks up Liz's daydream)

(Liz and Max finish their dinner and Liz cracks open her fortune cookie)
Liz: Ok, this is my favorite part. It says, "this is the best night of your life."
Max: Is that really what it says?
Liz: Well, it's better than "a broken clock is still right twice a day."
Max: You're right. I like yours better.
Liz: Ok, let me see yours.
Max: "Ask a girl to dance with you."
Liz: Is that really what it says?
Max: It depends on your answer.
Liz: Yes.
Max: Then that's really what it says.
Liz: Ok.

Liz: Max...how is it possible that I could be...I could be the happiest that I've ever been in my entire life...you know, and now the saddest all at...all at one time?
Max: I think that's what being in love is.
Liz: Yeah, I think so, too.
Max: So we'll just take a step back...for a while.
Liz: Well, uh...you know, if that's what...if that's what you want, I...
Max: It's what I need...cuz I'm just as scared as you are.
(Max starts climbing down the ladder)
Liz: No, wait, Max.
(Liz kisses Max)
Liz: I just wanted...to remember.
Max: Good-bye, Liz.
(Max climbs down the ladder)
Liz: Good-bye, Max.

Max: I had to know if...if...what I saw was...really from you or if it was just my imagination, which...it definitely...definitely could've been. Except...I've never been in the girls' locker room. And now that I see it, and...well, it...it is the same room...I know I didn't make it up.
Max: Uh...Liz?
Liz: What?
Max: You have a hickey...and it's glowing.

Max: No, uh, expensive dinner?

(As Max and Liz turn to leave, River Dog reaches out and grabs Liz's hand)
River Dog: Wait, wait. You're not one of them.
Max: Liz?
River Dog: Make sure he deserves your trust.
Max: Let's go.

Liz: Ok. Fine. If you know so much, then tell me, Max...what's my destiny?
Max: I only know the part I'm hoping for.

Max: You like it?
(Max makes the symbol he drew glow like a neon sign)

Liz: Come on! Kyle!
(Kyle falls to the floor trying to get a loose ball and sprains his ankle)
Kyle: God! Ohh! Ohh!
(Max notices Liz's obvious concern for Kyle)

Liz: Come on, come on, Max.
Max: Go. Go.
(They double back onto the road. The Agents follow and now have them surrounded.)
Liz: Come on.
(Liz and Max climb up onto a guard rail, and jump off into a river.)

Max: I'm glowing everywhere...my toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on the inside.
Liz: No, Max. We can't do this.
Max: I know.
Liz: You know, could I, uh..could I get sick?
Max: I don't know anything. I don't even know who I am.
Liz: You know, the...the mark went away because...because you touched it. Maybe...maybe it came because we were away for...too long. That sounds really crazy, but...it would be a complete disaster.
Max: I can't ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way.
Liz: I know.
Max: And I have no idea what that is...and what's right...or wrong.
Liz: I know. I mean...and you know things...about me that you, um...that you shouldn't know. And my mother...my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill me...if i don't die from this.
Max: You're right.
Liz: I can't stop.

VOICE-OVER: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans, I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.

Max: Where’s Liz?
Nasedo: Pierce doesn’t care about her; he only wants me.
Max: He wants her, too. He wants all of us. I’m not leaving without her.
Nasedo: I won’t let him take you.
Liz: Max!
Max: Liz. (A glass wall separates them.) Get out of here.
Liz: Not without you.

Max: I better go.
Liz: Why?
Max: Cuz if I don't go right now, things are gonna change.
Liz: Change, how?
Max: I'm gonna have to touch your hair...cuz it's so soft...and I'd have to tell you that...no matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together.
Liz: And then?
Max: And then...I'd have to do this...

Max: And we're friends?
Liz: Yeah. We're friends.
Max: Just friends?
Liz: Yeah. We're just friends.

DJ: Well, it looks like we've found our winner.

Voiceover: The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be, places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending.
And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown...And once you do, you can never go back.

LIZ: I never got to thank you, for saving my life.
MAX: Thank you.
VOICE-OVER: It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life.

Liz: Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it.
Max: But you mean everything to me.
(They kiss.)
Liz: Goodbye, Max.
(She leaves.)
Max: Liz. (Outside.) Liz. Liz, wait. (She turns to look at him, then runs off.)
Michael: (Restraining him.) You gotta let her go.

Max: You're my dream girl, Liz.
Liz: And what if I believe you tonight?
Max: Then we live happily ever after.
Liz: And then what about tomorrow...when you go back to reaLizing who you really are, and all of your fantasies go away.
Max: I'll still have you.
Liz: This can never be normal, Max.
(Max touches the tops of some parking meters, and they start sparkling)
Max: What's so great about normal?

MAX: Liz, LIZ! You have to look at me. You have to look at me.
[Liz weakly looks at him, and he puts his hand over the bullet wound, we see images of Liz as a child, Max sighs and when he takes his hand away, the wound is healed]
MAX: You're all right now. You're all right.
MICHAEL: Keys! Now!!
[Max throws him the keys and breaks a ketchup bottle and pours the ketchup over her]
MAX: You broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything please.

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Liz: So everything Nasedo told me was true. You and Tess were meant to be together.
Max: Liz.
Liz: I mean, it's your destiny, right?
Max: I wish I could go back Liz. Back to when things were normal.
Liz: Me, too. I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the CrashDown.
Max: Don't say that.
Liz: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.
Max: No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.
Liz: I love you.