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17. Top 5 Cate/Baze scenes {Life Unexpected}

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I still have to check out this show, but very pretty picspam! <3 And I love the gif at the end.
Aww you have to! It's such a nice show ;) thanks!
I absolutely am in love with this picspam!
Just in case you were wondering!
I ship them so hard!
I ship them hardcore too so don't worry bb! You're not alone, we have a pretty huge fanbase already <3


10 years ago


10 years ago

I loved this so much! Cate/Baze ftw ♥
I love them too!!
love, love them!
awesome! I love the scenes you picked and the coloring is really pretty!
Thank you for nice comment.
great picspam wero!!! i love the coloring! the gif in the end xD i loved that scene. My fav is 3 but i still haven't watched the last episodes.
it's gonna be a long long run with them

aww you have to watch 1x05, such a good episode!!my fav so far :D
and thanks for nice things about coloring <3
love yaaa :*
Awww so awesome! ♥
As awesome as Cate/Baze :)
awww, Cate/Baze i love them, they're perfectly fit to each other <3
i know right? it's like meant to be!


Love that gif, and your spam of course. LOL.
thank you so much!!

OTP all the way!!!!!!!!!
Aw, I adore them. Amazing picspam! <3
I adore them too. Shiri and Kris are fantastic together!
Thanks to this amazing show i've got that song stuck in my brain forever!
Great choices and picspam :)
hehe i know the feeling, it's on repeat since few weeks ;)
Thank you.
Nice colours. Don't like the ship but they have nice scenes together sometimes.

And OH GOD, another show where everyone ships someone else. Maybe I should get out now before it gets ugly like in other fandoms.
Thank you and I don't give a fuck about ship wars, I can enjoy both but Cate/Baze FTW.
As long as we'll have amazing scenes to watch I'll be happy. As I see they don't need to be a couple to be great. ;)

Deleted comment

I can't wait for them to realize they still have feelings for each other, but I think we need to wait till s2 for it. That's why we need S2!!!

Deleted comment


10 years ago

Awesome picspam. Great scene selection!

They are amazing together.
Thank you very much, I'm flattered.
omg amazing picspam wero!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! ♥
Thanks my love, Cate and Baze are worth it.
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