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18. Sawyer/Kate 6x08

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"He ended the hour, in both story lines, with Kate." -Washington Post

"Kate: Hi.
Sawyer: Hi yourself."
longest stare ever ;)

"Sounds like you had a hell of a night."

cages!dress!sawyer's look!OMFG. Do I really need to comment more?

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"Where did Sawyer go?
I'll show you."

Do you guys remember 3x07 and famous "Little house" scene where Sawyer was talkign to Kate
about his childhhod and how he loved watching "Little House on the Prairie"?
This throwback melted my heart.

No Skate but I'm a Kate fan (of course, haters to the left) so it was nice to see Kate and Clair making up.
Kate did a fantastic thing for her and Aaron! Claire should be grateful for the rest of her life.

"Son of a bitch."
I almost died when I saw Kate! I was like: O____________________O srsl!
He recognized her from the airplane/elevator (6x01) ♥
AU Skate pwns you all.

"Sawyer: What's for dinner?
Kate: Rabbit.I think.
Sawyer: Good. I'm starving.
Kate: What are you doing running errands for Locke?
Sawyer: I ain't runnin' errands for nobody.
Kate: He said he sent you over to the other island. Did you find the plane?
Sawyer: Yeah. And that ain't the only thing over there. A guy named Widmore set up camp on the beach. Got a whole team with him. Guys with guns. They're here for Locke.
Kate: So what are you gonna do?
Sawyer: I'm gonna let them fight it out. And while they got their hands full with each other...You and me are gettin' the hell off this island.
Kate: Even if we could get on that plane, who's gonna fly it?
Sawyer: We ain't taking the plane, Freckles.We're taking the sub."

It ended Skate in AU and it ended Skate on the island!!!<3 Heall Yeahhh.
And he called her Freckles again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just can't seem to escape each other.
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